Why I am running for Providence City Council

I've lived in the neighborhood for 14 years, and I believe we need to be represented by a transparent, accessible, honest and progressive city council person, focused on improving our public schools (the buildings, and what happens inside them), on racial justice, on fair and affordable housing, and on making Providence a more just and sustainable place.  I also believe we need to bridge some of the gaps within our own community, so that our neighbors who want to stay, live, work and worship here in Ward 3 can continue to afford to do so.

While I'm a newcomer to electoral politics, I've been on the Providence School Board since 2015, and I have written and taught about urban history and policy for two decades.  I have raised my two children here, and my wife Shana and I are Rhode Islanders for the long haul.  We love living here; this place has sustained us over the years, through all of life's trials and joys.  I think I have something to contribute, an obligation to try, and I'll do my best.