Kim Rohm


Former President of Nathan Bishop and MLK PTOs

Former East Side Public Education Coalition Steering Committee

Mark has many qualities that make him the best candidate. With two children in Providence Public Schools, it's important to me that our City Councilperson is passionately committed to improving and sustaining them - not just for my family but for all families. As a member of the Providence School Board, Mark will bring his experience and valuable understanding to the City Council.


Providence Teachers Union

The special election in Ward 3 has produced a field of ethical and qualified candidates with municipal aspirations. Democratic candidate Mark Santow enthusiastically pursued the endorsement of the Providence Teachers Union based on his respect and knowledge fo the hard work Providence teachers commit to each day in the classroom. Mark has stood side by side with our teachers on many issues, including stopping aggressive school privatization, increasing English Language learner (ELL) funding, and the necessity to improve the intrastructure of our publicschools. As a Councilperson, Mark Santow will continue his fight to improve public education outcomes in Providence. Moreover, Mark's strong voice in the community and tenure of advocacy has helped him build a strong rapport with teachers, students, and other stakeholders in Providence. For all these reasons, the Providence Teachers Union enthusiastically endorses Mark Santow for Providence City Council in Ward 3.


Sarah Morenon


Ward 3 resident

I worked with Mark and others last fall to present the Providence Community-Police Relations Act (the CSA) to East Side voters unfamiliar with it. What I liked most about working with him is that he listens! He's also very personable and approachable. Mark has studied and taught urban policy for years, so he is familiar with proposals other cities have tried, and whether they're worth trying here.


Timmons Roberts


Ittleson Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology, Brown University

Non-resident Senior Fellow, the Brookings Institution

Providence has set some excellent targets on climate change and environment, but has no real plan to get there. Mark Santow has a position on sustainability that is unmatched. He is rightly focused on climate change and public health impacts of our current economy, but he has a vision on how a more sustainable society requires attention to workers, justice and neighborhoods. We need Mark driving an energized Council.


Maureen Reddy & Doug Best


Ward 3 residents

We enthusiastically support Mark Santow for the Ward 3 city council seat. Through working with Mark on rallying east side support for the CSA last summer and fall, we learned of his deep commitment to public service, his broad and deep knowledge of civic affairs, and his dedication to working toward true equality in Providence and beyond. He brings the ideas, depth of understanding, and real integrity we want in our council person.


Susan & Geoffrey Gunter


Nathan Bishop parents

One of the greatest challenges of the current City Council is the lack of consensus and ability to get anything done for our City. We are supporting Mark because we know that he will bring his experience, depth of public policy knowledge and ability to work collaboratively to move the needle on issues. We’re thrilled that someone with Mark’s integrity, commitment and experience is willing to take on this very important job!


Jill Davidson


National education policy expert
Former President of MLK PTO

Parent leader at Nathan Bishop and Classical

Well before Mark decided to step forward as a candidate for City Council, I relied on his public policy knowledge, deep understanding of housing and equity issues, and school board experience to better understand our neighborhood and city. His experience, work ethic, and commitments to equity, transparency, and honesty are what Providence needs now.


Rich Streitfeld


Ward 3 resident

Mark's knowledge of and passion for what is happening in communities around the country is vast. Yet he is also hands on; a couple of years ago I was having trouble getting approval for an important schooling issue for my son. I reached out to Mark – new on the Board at that time – and he connected me to the right people, and the issue was resolved. Mark stands strongly for the progressive positions many of us share, and he is also a pragmatic player. You don’t succeed as Chair of a Department or on the School Board without having a keen political sense and strong interpersonal skills. Mark has my enthusiastic, unequivocal support.


Chris Corsini


Social Studies teacher, Gilbert Stuart Middle School

As a Providence teacher, I have witnessed Mark advocate for students and teachers in Providence Public Schools during his tenure as a school board member. Mark has made public education a priority and is determined to take the necessary steps to improve the infrastructure of Providence schools.


Nate Kelly


Urban planner

Ward 3 resident

We first crossed paths on a project that set incredibly important policy objectives for the state. I've been humbled by the depth of Mark's understanding and his ability to question and grow. Economic inclusion, racial justice, housing diversity, and education - these are the most pressing issues of our time, from neighborhood to nation. Mark's understanding of the complexities within these issues is uncommon, and I believe he will serve Ward 3 with vision and integrity.