The Gender pay gap:

I support a Wage Equity Law for Providence.  Women in Rhode Island earn 82 cents on the dollar that men do. That gap is bigger for women of color, and for single mothers. If this wage gap were eliminated here, it would mean:

  • A working woman would have 71 more weeks of food for her family
  • 10 more months of rent
  • 5 more months of mortgage or utility payments
  • A decrease in poverty in Providence
  • Less housing and food insecurity, and better circumstances for children in the Providence public schools
  • Stimulus for our local economy.

If I'm elected to the City Council, I will pursue a Wage Equity Law, similar to one passed in Philadelphia last year. It would prevent employers from asking about an applicant’s previous pay, which is often how the gap is reproduced. It would also prevent retaliation against employees who discuss their pay, and institute protections that enable women to identify and challenge discriminatory pay and employment practices. 

Economic development in Providence has to be about lifting up working families, not using our tax dollars to subsidize mobile capital.  In conjunction with the passage of paid family and medical leave and paid sick days at the state level, more resources for public pre-k, the protection of reproductive health care, and an increased state-wide minimum wage indexed to inflation, we can create a more equitable and sustainable kind of prosperity in Providence -- one which is widely shared.